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Maximise your asset investment

Smart organisations are maximising their asset investment by improving the way they use lines and road marking.

Inside or outside

Line marking solutions are an opportunity for you to increase efficiency and safety, improve experiences for people, add more value and lift profit.

Transform your spaces

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Who benefits from better lines?

  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturers
  • Urban designers
  • NZTA/Local authorities
  • Schools
  • FMCG
  • Property owners
  • Ports & airports
  • Universities
  • Logistics Companies
  • Body corporates
  • Event organisers
  • Sports clubs
  • Warehouse operators
  • Car park operators
  • Traffic Management


How we can help?

We can help improve thye way you use lines and road markings, and maximise your asset investment. Increase efficiency and safety, improve experiences for people, add value and lift your profits. Get in touch today!

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Lines make a difference

Improve the way your site is used

Well-placed lines provide clear delineation for all site users.

More efficient site use

Waste less space with well-placed lines, ensuring your site is used to its maximum potential.

Safer people

In the new H&S world, people will be safer when separated from machines and cars by well-marked roads and pathways.


We can make your space more colourful, decorative and playful – how could lines make your next event sing?



Outside or under cover, Coastline Markers offers you more

Lines should be an active agent in your success. We work harder to find new ways to increase the efficiency, potential and value of your site, all while making your people safer. And our partnerships with world-leading product suppliers mean we can find and apply more innovations – and better quality, higher performance results - to your benefit.

How can we help you?

Beyond the Lines: Our Blog

Coastline Markers’ operations are temporarily closed due to Covid-19, but our management team are ready and available to assist with any queries or pricing you might have.  You can reach us from the contacts page of this website.  Kia Kaha and all the best, Bruce Goodall – GM.