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4 tips to make your playground more fun for kids

We love working on playgrounds and nothing makes us happier than being involved in exciting projects that capture kids’ imaginations. In our everyday business, we use lines to convey and instil order, maximise space and ensure safety, but a number of playgrounds are giving a whole new purpose to the painted line – fun. Here […]

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More to roads than meets the eye

Roads are our lifeblood. I’m sure we can all think back to when we were kids, the whole family squeezing into the car and heading out on our nation’s roads to beaches and baches for family days out and holidays every summer. If you’re anything like us, the road markings and sign posts you saw […]

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What’s the first thing your customers see?

Businesses around the world spend millions of dollars on initiatives designed to grab their customers’ attention as soon as they step in the door. The experiential marketing industry has exploded in recent years. The aim is to create a unique and memorable instore experience for your customers that enhances their brand loyalty and keeps them […]

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Launching BMX tracks to new heights

The undulating track at North Harbour BMX Club on Bush Road in Albany presents its riders with challenging turns and gives birth to some serious hang time. To maximise rider safety it is imperative to have clear track markings and, in particular, highly visible edgelines. In the heat of battle, with packs of riders soaring […]

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Multiple sports on one court

Making the most of whatever space you’ve got is what we’re good at. However limited, there are always ways to utilise the space in a way that maximises its use. At Warkworth Primary School, we recently put our expertise in this area to good use. Through the strategic use of well-placed lines, we were able […]

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