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Launching BMX tracks to new heights

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The undulating track at North Harbour BMX Club on Bush Road in Albany presents its riders with challenging turns and gives birth to some serious hang time.

To maximise rider safety it is imperative to have clear track markings and, in particular, highly visible edgelines. In the heat of battle, with packs of riders soaring through the air and flying around tight corners there is a real need for bright and well-defined lines to guide competitors safely around the track.

Avoid accidents

You don’t want to have pileups at the start line so riders need to be well spaced out in delineated sections with easily identifiable track numbers. The clearer and more visible the track markings are, the safer it is for competitors.

The club recently commissioned our services to lay new track markings at the start gate and along the edgelines. On the surface, painting lines may not seem complex but with there’s a lot more to it than you’d think.

Make the right choice

For BMX clubs, getting the most out of their investment and achieving longevity is a delicately poised balance that requires consideration of the surface, choice of paint and line marking technology. The steep and varying gradients, curved lines and awkward angles make it a challenging task in need of experienced personnel.

To ensure North Harbour BMX Club got the best possible result, we used high-performance, polymer modified, Damar Beadlock road marking paint. It offers great flexibility for specialist applications and is commonly used on motor racing tracks. Highly durable, it will maintain good visibility for up to three years.

Great finish

The response from North Harbour BMX club has been really positive. They are stoked with the high quality finish which has improved the health and safety of their members.

If you need any advice on line markings for BMX tracks or any other kind of sports surfaces, please get in touch with our experienced team at Coastline Markers.

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