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Multiple sports on one court

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Making the most of whatever space you’ve got is what we’re good at. However limited, there are always ways to utilise the space in a way that maximises its use.

At Warkworth Primary School, we recently put our expertise in this area to good use. Through the strategic use of well-placed lines, we were able to create a sports court that could be used for netball, basketball and tennis.

Maximise your investment

Using the right paint for the right surface is one of the keys to getting extraordinary results that you can be proud to show off. At Warkworth Primary School, we used a special hardcourt paint called Fleet Australasia Hard Court paint to line the asphalt. It’s a specially designed paint for sports courts that maintains a high visibility for 12-18 months.

Using a line laser machine, we were able to create clear, crisp lines in a mix of colours. Straight and arching lines in white, red and yellow clearly delineate sections of the court for each sport. Using different colours helps to distinguish which lines are for which sport, helping to avoid any confusion amongst players in the heat of battle.

The high-quality paint and line laser technology used by our expert team left the courts with a professional finish that will have kids thinking they’re on the same standard of court their favourite athletes play on. Our client was happy and the kids now have a multi-purpose court that can be used at playtime and lunchtime, as well as school sport days.

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