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At Coastline Markers, we know that we are only as good as our products – that’s why we offer a range of world-leading road marking products you can rely on.

Safe, durable, and environmentally friendly, we only work with the best products from the industry’s leading suppliers, such as Damar Industries and Geveko.

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Bringing the best products to New Zealand

Coastline has built enduring partnerships with two of the world’s premier road and line marking product suppliers: Damar Industries and Geveko.

With Geveko and Damar Industries at our side, we offer you more innovation and applications than any other New Zealand-based company.

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With a proud history supplying the world with high-quality road marking products, Damar Industries enjoys a well-earned reputation of leading the way in world-class line marking solutions and technology.

The best part is that Damar is just as committed to providing sturdy, high visibility markings that help save lives on our roads as we are.

That’s why we utilise all of Damar’s great roadmarking products including Cold Applied Plastics and paints.

In operation since 1924, Geveko offers a range of products to markets across the world.

From road and line markings to anti-skid surfaces and colourful decorative markings, Geveko is an industry leader supplying Coastline with the right materials we need to deliver an exceptional job and making our roads safer all year round.

Some of the great Geveko products we use regularly are PlastiRoute and DecoMark.

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