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Do you want to clearly mark out and colour a cycle lane, car park, open space, pedestrian crossing or walkway?

Ideal for areas of high traffic, PlastiRoute products are suitable for a range of different climates throughout the year.

PlastiRoute offers a range of coloured cold plastic road marking products that are immensely durable, reducing abrasion and dirt pick up. We offer a range of standard colour choices and, if you have a particular colour in mind, we can have it manufactured to meet your specific needs.

Through our supplier partner Geveko, we offer three different classes of PlastiRoute products: PlastiRoute cold spray plastics, PlastiRoute RP (Rough Plastic) and PlastiRoute FP (Fine Plastic).

How can we help you?

Coastline Markers’ operations are temporarily closed due to Covid-19, but our management team are ready and available to assist with any queries or pricing you might have.  You can reach us from the contacts page of this website.  Kia Kaha and all the best, Bruce Goodall – GM.