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What’s the first thing your customers see?

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Businesses around the world spend millions of dollars on initiatives designed to grab their customers’ attention as soon as they step in the door. The experiential marketing industry has exploded in recent years.

The aim is to create a unique and memorable instore experience for your customers that enhances their brand loyalty and keeps them spending money. Stores try to captivate your senses with songs that make you happy, scents that lure you in and enticing visual displays that grab your attention.

What comes before experiential marketing?

The car park. Don’t laugh. It’s an often overlooked, but oh so important part of a successful experiential marketing strategy. How many times have you found yourself irate before you’ve even entered a store because you struggled to find a space? Ensuring your parking facilities are clearly marked helps traffic to flow smoothly and is the first step in giving your customers a good instore experience.

Improve traffic flow

New World supermarket in Whangaparaoa understood how car park line marking affects their customers’ overall experience so they employed our services towards the end of 2015.

They wanted to improve the flow of traffic and clearly demarcate the various types of parking available, such as disabled and parent spaces. We laid extensive road marking paint in both yellow and white paint in order to delimit parking spaces.

Hard wearing Damar Beadlock paint was used and depending on the volume of traffic, this should maintain good visibility for 12-18 months. Beadlock paint has high reflectivity, making it easier for customers to follow road markings and find a parking space. We always use high quality paints. Damar is an industry leader in roadmarking paint development. The use of colour not only makes it easier for customers to see where to park, it is also aesthetically pleasing.

Anti-skid paint

For special bays we used Damar anti-skid paint in red and blue. Anti-skid paint increases grip underfoot to improve both worker and customer safety.

Make your customers’ lives easier

By providing clearly defined and well-spaced parking spaces that cater for different levels of mobility, you give your customers the best possible chance of having a positive interaction with your company and maintain customer loyalty. Arrows that control traffic flow improve driver decision making and understanding, helping to avoid car park congestion.

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